Hi! I`m Bethany! I`m from Windsor, Ontario(Canada), but live in a strange place called America. I love cats way too much, cupcakes are my favorite food, and I`m a feminist socialist... One last thing about it I`m a songwriter(of anything but rap or hiphop), and a poet. I also spell colour the Canadian way with a U, if I`m not talking to my American friends. This blog is just random things.Bye!
me to a white person:what's your ethnicity
white person:i'm 1/4 vanilla bean, 2 cups of skim milk, 3 tablespoons of tapioca, 1 teaspoon of corn starch etc

Ok because of some of the comments you people are sending me I’m just gonna go lay in bed and think about all this. Hopefully I’ll figure it out and sleep tonight. Thank you for the concerns. I love you all…except those two that just told me should bang with you. Please get off my blog.

Anonymous asked: How do you not know you're in a relationship?


At first when I brought him cheating he was like bye:p but then later I think he was trying to reason with me then we kinda just stopped talking

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry about your bf or ex bf how long were you together


It doesn’t matter how long we were together. He cheated and that’s what matters. Trust me I love him like crazy but at the same time I’m so mad. I really just want some answers and to know where we stand now.

Anonymous asked: So did you an your bf break up?


Idk actually I can’t find the courage to try and talk to him. I’m too hurt to try right now. And with what I’d like to ask him I’m scared of the answers.

Anonymous asked: Something tells me your not ok...


Not really my friends hate me, my boyfriend cheated, my daddy is in the hospital and I’m not allowed to go see him because my mom is a fucking liar who tries to ruin my life. But enough about me how was your day?

Today has been an awful day that started with a horrible yesterday

Marching band is love. Marching band is life.

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